The Drama School Mumbai encourages the very notion that acting has to be learnt. With excellent pedagogy conveners and an alumni that speaks for itself, it is here that the best minds in the craft find a voice and the rigorous pedagogy to shape the future of the good kind of theatre.

When Break A Leg! got a chance to understand the dynamics of this incredible institution, we rejoiced not just as a curious audience but also for the theatre aspirants all over the country.

We first created these teasers that showcase the vigorous approach of the institution in a forging a new generation of theatre practitioners.

The training, the movements, the different styles, production design and so many other facets act as an enabler and lead to a strong foundation that lets a theatre aspirant decide the path they want to choose. And we were thrilled to be able to capture it on through our lens.

During the shooting process, we understood that the ethos of Drama School Mumbai is that just like any other profession an artist too must be trained in the craftsmanship. Theatre requires formal training and education, and that became the narrative for all the films we created for DSM.

From Kalki Koechlin to Neeraj Kabi, theatre makers spoke to us about the importance of training and how understanding the craft in its very essence is what leads to the growth as an actor.

For reasons as intrinsic as these and many more, Drama School Mumbai today is an invaluable medium of holistic knowledge for the theatre makers of tomorrow.

We hope our films inspire aspiring theatre makers to pursue formal training in theatre. Hope you enjoy watching them as much as we enjoyed making them!

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